The problem of cheating men have become a worrisome trend that will not go away anytime soon because for most men that cheat, there is always a justification, a good reason why they have decided to cheat on their girlfriends or wives.

Cheating men are part of the phobia that unmarried ladies have about marriage. Many ladies have openly admitted that they cannot stand a cheating husband.

They are also unwilling to listen to marriage Counselors who advise that married ladies should ignore a cheating husband. They cannot accept such recommendations for many reasons especially because they face the disadvantages more.

If the other lady becomes pregnant, it may tear their home apart, they may contract venereal diseases and STD’s from their husbands and their husbands may have little or no emotions and feelings for them.

That is why all ladies have to know the reasons why men cheat so that they can guide against it wen they eventually get married. But it also apples for ladies in relationships.

Here are five reasons why men cheat in marriage and in relationships;

1. He Never Loved Her Before Marriage:

There is a saying that you can force a horse to the stream but you cannot make it to drink. That is how it is with marriage. A man who is forced to marry a lady that he does not love is bound to cheat. There is no two ways about it.

2. He Knows That She Cannot Have Babies:

Having children means a lot for a man in this part of the world because of its male dominated way of doing things. It is considered as an old factor but it still motivates men to cheat today. Children are gifts from God and they come at the appointed time, but most men don’t know this. They always apportion the blame of childlessness to the woman

3. He Does Not Enjoys Sex With Him:

Sometime, what keeps a man is not just a lady that is morally decent or is even a virgin when she got married. The lady must know how to satisfy her husband sexually too. Men can go an extra mile in search of a better sexual partner. If you don’t do that, surely another will. There are a lot of ladies out there who are willing to go any length just to push you out of your marriage.

4. He Does Not Enjoy Her Company:

Companionship is one of the primary reasons while people date or get married. A man can cheat on his girlfriend or wife with someone who listens to him and makes him lively. These are some of the things they enjoy from their side chicks. As a lady you must try as much as possible to make your man always wish to come home. This can only be achieved when you make your company a memorable one.

5. She is not Attractive Anymore:

Contrary to popular believes, marriage does not keep a man. Some ladies think that once they have gotten married then they have fully possessed the heart of the man but it is not so. Their dress style changes and they do not look attractive anymore. But the man still sees very attractive ladies around and he might just give in to the temptation to cheat. Always try to look your best for your husband.

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Originally posted 2020-04-18 19:58:17.

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