Cheating boyfriend

Questions that will throw a cheating partner off-balance.

When people suspect that their partners are cheating on them, they find diverse ways to prove their suspicion before confronting their partners with the ugly question who is she? Or who is he?. The process of trying to find out if they are cheating is really tortuous.

But there is a way that it can be done without having to go through so much trouble by asking your partner certain questions. When confronted with such questions cheating partners find it difficult to provide an answer and may betray what they have been trying to hide.

1. Do You Still Love Me.

A partner that is still very much in love with you will be surprised if they are asked this question. It is quite different when it is somebody that is cheating. A cheating partner will feel shocked but the shock will result in confusion over whether the partner has found out that he is cheating.

2. When Are We Getting Married.

When a partner is cheating and not ready to get married, they are not happy with such question and will do all that they can to change the topic since they are no longer interested in the relationship. Some persons may even get angry at the question and may pour out their hearts about their displeasure.


3. I Will Like to Speak with Your Mum.

The last thing that a cheating partner in a relationship will want is to allow the partner that he is no longer interested in to get acquainted with his mum. He will not mind postponing the discussion indefinitely until he summons enough courage to call the relationship off.

4. We Need to Spend More Time Together, Don’t we?

The answer is always negative for someone that is cheating because he prefers to spend any available time with his new found lover rather than with the lover that he is no longer interested in.

5. Do You Remember How we First Met.

There is no point cherishing the moment when he first met his lover when things have changed. A cheating partner is likely to feel irritated by this question and may become more determined to end the relationship formally.  

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Originally posted 2020-06-08 10:08:57.

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