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It is wrongly said nowadays that it is a man’s world that we are living in, but ladies do not have a lesser ability to feel or fall in love like men do. Although the time when ladies will go down on their knees to propose to a guy is still far away, ladies have various ways of letting their crush know how they feel about them.

By the time you have tried more than half of the ways recommended here, you will certainly have created an irresistible impression on your crush and even go ahead to have a sweet relationship.

1. Call Him Often.

When guys are ready to have a relationship, they first check out the ladies that are close to them and cannot ignore a lady that calls to check on them very often. That may be the strongest signal you need to get his attention.

2. Spend Quality Time around Him.

If your visit becomes too often, it may send the wrong signal but you can plan to visit him on special occasions at intervals. That will make you look responsible and he will begin to confide in you.

3. Be Generous to Him.

You do not have to be wealthy to be generous to a guy you are crushing on. Guys love simple gestures and will easily notice ladies that buy them little gifts or help them in one way or another.

This does not mean that you should be doing his house chores or acting like a wife when you are yet to start a relationship with him. Just try to make good use of any chance you have to show him that you care.

4. Say Yes If He Asks You Out.

It is common among ladies to try to delay their response when a guy asks term out or asks for their hand in marriage. They often do this to show that they are not desperate but it is not required if you really love the guy.

If you delay your response to him and eventually say yes later, he may feel that you do not really love him but have made some selfish considerations.

In conclusion, never you overdo anything in life. Try as much as possible to be modest in all you do, and i bet you if you follow strictly to the recommendations above, you will have a very positive result in your love life.

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Originally posted 2020-04-28 11:30:25.

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