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It is generally believed that a lady that puts pressure on her guy to get married to her is a bad girl or worst still not a wife material… Many ladies desperately want to get married but their guy does not seem ready to take on the responsibility.

Some ladies are forced to give certain signs to the guy to make him realize that they are ready for marriage. Some go as far as even getting pregnant to prove their point damning any consequences for their action.

Observably, some ladies are reported to have even offered cash to their boyfriends to facilitate the marriage plans while some provide the money for their bride price all to motivate the guy to get married to them.

Most men think that they have nothing to lose in a relationship so if the lady fails to take a drastic action, she may end up dating a particular guy for many years at her own risk.

It is right and even just to put pressure on your guy to marry you under any of these situations;

1. Your Guy is Financially Stable.

You will even be applauded for pressuring your guy to marry you if he earns reasonably and can take care of you. It is certain that most single men that have reasonable finance are under one form of pressure or another from their family to settle down.

2. Age.

For a lady, age means a lot especially in this part of the world where a lot of value is placed on getting married in your 20s. It is not advisable to date one guy for more than 3 or even 5 years without any serious plan of settling down.

3. Your Guy Womanizes.

There is no certainty that getting married to a guy that womanizes will make him change but there is no harm in trying if you truly love him and cannot find a replacement. The responsibilities of marriage may make him to reconsider his ways.

4. You Are Financially Stable.

Most guys like to impress their lady by delaying marriage plans until they have so much money even when the lady is very rich. As a lady, there is no crime in supporting your guy with cash to marry you if he is ready for marriage but has little cash.

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Originally posted 2020-05-05 08:33:40.

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