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Stretch marks are such an ugly sight especially when exposed in the company of many ladies. Ladies often have one recommendations or another on how to get rid of them.

The solutions that they proffer are often not far from creams and certain medicines that can get rid of them, but there are certain home remedies that can do a lot of good in getting rid of your stretch marks.

One thing that most ladies must understand is that having a stretch mark does not imply any health situation except in rare cases.

It only shows up due to some changes that affect the skin and can be removed with appropriate home remedies.

Home remedies are simple steps, procedures or methods that ladies can use to wipe off stretch marks from their skin so that it can be smoother and fresh again.

They are other expensive method of removing stretch marks such as surgeries but home remedies are preferable by most ladies even though it takes more time.

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1. Exfoliation with Sugar.

The effect of diluted sugar or sugar syrup to help in the removal of dead cells from the body cannot be overemphasized.

For home remedies for stretch marks, ladies can apply the syrup on the affected areas frequently until changes begin to take place on the skin due to the formation of new cells.

2. Taking more Vitamin A Diet.

Retinoid are contained in food such as carrots, fruits and vegetables and they help in making the skin look healthier and fresh. Ladies that have stretch marks can consider a combination of vitamin A and other home remedies.

3. Use of Aloevera and Coconut Oil.

Most ladies are aware of the importance of the Aloevera and coconut oil in making the skin soft.

It is not a medically know remedy for stretchmarks removal but ladies still consider it as a very important home remedy which can work in combination with other home remedies.

Ladies that have tried most home remedies for their stretch marks with little success should consult their dermatologists for professional help.

Are you having stretch mark anywhere on your body? Click on this link to chat with a dermatologist for a possible solution.

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