Partners in a sad mood

Guys always have an explanation to give whenever they are caught cheating on their girl friends in a relationship. Some guys cheat routinely and are not caught most times, but when they are caught, they feel that they have a sense of privilege to explain why they acted that way.

Ladies have to face the reality of cheating boyfriends as more than guys, this is because they often love too deeply, and because of the perception in this part of the world that, they need a man to be able to stand tall with their peers.

That is why ladies have found themselves in a position in which they have to keep forgiving their cheating boyfriends. Although, there are limits, a lot of guys have gone beyond these limits. Here are three reasons why ladies forgive their cheating boyfriends.

1. They Are in Love.

Ladies that are in love often let go of whatever wrong that their boyfriends did to them including cheating on them. They think that if they do not forgive him for his wrong, they may hurt them self because they are in love and can lose him to another lady.

2. They Think it is Normal.

Some ladies wrongly think that it is in the nature of guys to cheat when they are dating. They believe that cheating does not mean that their boyfriends no longer love them. That is why they are ready to forgive a guy if he cheats to keep the relationship going.

3. Revenge.

In order to avenge a cheating partner, some ladies may pretend that they have forgiven them while still having a grudge against them for cheating. Revenge often takes place many weeks after the guilty partner may have forgotten about what he did. Ladies often cheat on their boyfriends with his own friends or rivals to get back at them for cheating.

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Originally posted 2020-05-04 18:51:03.

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