The preferences of men is as diverse as there are ladies. Ladies have different unique qualities which gives them advantages or puts them below other ladies in eyes of these men that are searching. The qualities of some ladies puts many guys off and leaves them single for many years.

Even when a man has met a certain lady that he is attracted to, he still watches her to see if certain qualities are present in her because without them, the relationship can be successful.

Here are 21 things that every man wants from a lady;


Traditionally, it is said that the man is the one that is always searching for a lady to love. Men have different preferences when it comes to searching for the right lady to have a relationship with. Men place a high priority on ladies that have certain qualities that they like.

Men want ladies that will not hide any information about their lives while they are in a relationship so they prefer a honest partner.

2. Trust.

Men want to commit themselves to ladies that they can trust to handle certain responsibilities that are confidential, so they want a lady that is trust worthy. Trust is the bed-rock of any relationship. Any relationship that is not built on trust will soon be doomed.

3. Goodlooks.

The first thing that draws any man to a lady is her looks. She does not have to be very beautiful but she must look good and have an attractive figure. Men are moved by what they see, they are more concerned about what they see unlike ladies who are moved by what they hear.

4. Dress Sense.

No man wants a lady who dresses locally and cannot slay in her dress style. She does not have to go nude but she can be presentable. As the popular saying goes “dress they way you want to be addressed”. A lady who has a good sense of dress will always attract serious men.

5. Respect.

Respect is reciprocal but for men it is compulsory. No matter how beautiful and attractive a lady is, without respect she is worth nothing. No man want’s to have another man as his wife. As a lady you must know that respect is what every man expect from their partner.

6. Hardwork.

Most men in the world today are not very rich so they want a lady that can support them to succeed.

7. Decency.

Ladies that are indecent will turn guys away because they will see them as a public property that can be taken at anytime. Being decent pays a lot as a lady. An indecent lady will always attract indecent guys to herself.

8. Listening ability.

The lady must be able to forget her opinions and views if the views of the man shows a greater insight than hers. This shows that you acknowledge him as the head of the house and you respect his decisions.

9. Cooking skills.

Men want a lady that can cook not just Indomie but traditional African dishes so that his friends can be proud of him and he too will not depend on restaurants. As they say “good food is the way to a man’s heart. Ladies who possesses great culinary skills have a good advantage in getting a man. So if you don’t know how to cook as a lady, please go and learn.

10. Religion.

In a place like Nigeria where there is high level of religiosity, men cannot have a relationship with a lady who belongs to no religion. She must be a member of one religion or another. Religion plays a very important role in relationships especially in a country like Nigeria.

11. Education.

Gone are the days when men travel back to their villages to get a wife. So many men look out for ladies that are educated beyond secondary school level. Men are in search of ladies that can speak in public without fidgeting, ladies who are well educated, ladies who can represent them in functions, ladies who can teach the children and so on.

13. Work and Employment.

A lady who has no work or job can be considered as a liability who has nothing to offer in the relationship. Gone are those day when you have men who prefer their wife’s to be a full blown house wife. but with the way the economy is going, women must contribute their own quota financially to the family for it the make great progress.

14. Tribe.

Certain tribes do not get married for some cultural reasons and men in this part of the world will have relationship with and marry a lady from their tribe.

15. Height.

Men expect that a lady will have a reasonable height before they can go into a relationship with them.

16. Complexion.

Most men prefer fair looking ladies than dark ones but different strokes goes to different folks.

17. Sex.

Even though not all men demand sex from ladies before starting a relationship with them, they expect that the lady must be sexually compatible. As most men will always say.. “it is good to taste whatever you want to buy”. But this is not a good practice as most ladies a left hurt.

18. Hairstyle.

Even when a lady succeeds in having a man, she would not be able to stop him from looking at other ladies beautiful hairstyle. That is why men look for ladies whose hairstyle is beautiful even if they lack some qualities.

19. Hygiene.

Since women have many body features that men find attractive, they expect that these features must be kept clean at all times. Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness. Ladies must learn to keep themselves and their surrounding clean always.

20. Attitude.

Men cannot stand ladies with bad manners who act in ways that suggest that she lacks a good attitude. They see bad attitude as a very big threat to a successful relationship. Ladies must learn to behave themselves at all time.

21. Patience

Men also want ladies that can be patient and wait for things to workout. An inpatient lady is a turn of for men with integrity.

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